Head Tubes

We use three different head tube standards on Nicolai frames. 1 1/8, one-point-five (1.5) or tapered (1 1/8 topside, 1.5 downside). Most Nicolai frames are equipped with the 1 1/8 head tube as standard as this is the most common size provided by fork manufacturers. The Ufo ST and 2MXTB models have a 1.5 head tube as standard. All other regular frames are built with the 1 1/8 head tube though we offer the 1.5 or the tapered head tube as an optional extra. For 1.5 head tube frames we now offer an additional option: these frames can now be delivered with a Cane Creek Angleset® fitted. With this headset the head angle of the bike can be altered by fitting different angled cartridges and this allows you to adjust the head angle up to 1,5° slacker or steeper in six steps. A precisely machined head tube and accurately aligned bearing cups are essential for perfect function of the Angleset. For this reason we only offer it fitted by our professional machanics at the factory.