Helius dropout standards

On all our Helius models we offer three different dropout standards as no-cost options. Before placing your order you need to decide what kind of rear hub and related shifting system you would like to use or what options you want to keep open.The 10 mm quick release dropout (QR10) is the lightest solution and allows the use of standard hubs with conventional quick releases. To use your Helius with Rohloff® hubs we offer the slightly heavier Rohloff® dropouts which have a longer slot on the left hand side to fit the OEM-1 axleplate of the Rohloff® hub. These also accept standard quick-release hubs.For maximum rigidity and the best tracking of the rear wheel we recommend the 12mm through axle dropout option. These dropouts can be used in combination with a 12mm axle from Nicolai or the Rock Shox Maxle. You cannot use a 10mm QR or Rohloff® hub with this option.