Anodising - which colour for which model

In addition to powder coating, a heat fixed coating process that covers the frame with a durable plastic layer, we also offer coloured anodized finishes. Anodisation is an electrochemical process in which a thin coloured oxide layer is formed on the aluminium surface. Anodised parts have got a harder, more scratch-proof surface and a lower weight than powder-coated or painted parts. However, the oxide layer is thin can easily be pierced. Whilst powder coating fills machine marks on a frame with anodisation tooling marks from the manufacturing process remain visible. When welded frames or welded parts get anodised, heat induced changes are induced to the material and the different alloys used in the frame components will result in different hues. Anodisation covers nothing. It displays exactly how a frame and its parts have been manufactured and the lighter the ano colour, the more obvious this is. As different colours require different sized baths, we can't unfortunately offer every frame model in every available colour. The hard tail frames especially are too big, whereas full suspension frames are disassembled and thereefore dont have any colour limitations. The following list shows the restrictions regarding frame types and colours: Anodisation colours available for all models: black, bronze, blue, red, green, gold Anodisation colours available for full suspension frames only: violet, titanium, orange

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