history time line
A brief history of time

1985 Boris Becker wins wimbledon at age of 17. Kalle builds his first enduro motorbike frame.
1991 The USA declares war on Iraq. Kalle gets his practical training at AMP Research.
1995 Michael Schumacher, Brian Lopes and Leigh Donavan become Worldchampion. Mongoose labled Nicolai's win the US NORBA downhill racing series and take a worldcup victory. August 1st.
1996 The German national team takes the EM title with Berti Voigts. Nicolai Inc. manufacturers high tech aluminum frames under their own lable and for the following companies: Mongoose, Cube, Hercules, Alutech.
1998 At the FIFA worldcup in France, Germany looses out in the final rounds. Top secret mission: Nicolai UFO DS and Lambda with VCS Double Top Tube.
1999 Solar eclipse over Germany's summer skies. Early 1999, Wiesmann Autosport becomes Nicolai's new mountain bike racing team partner. Team Nicolai Wiesmann Roadster takes the runner up EM title in Dual Slalom. Team rider Frank Schneider gets his first WC points. Our first CNC machine takes its place in our factory.
2000 "Millennium" becomes the word of the year. Nicolai takes the 4th spot as the most innovative manufacturing company among all German competitors.
2001 Nicolai's Pro downhill team is now called Team SoCal Nicolai and is guided under the hand of team manager Elmar Keineke. Downhiller Frank Schneider takes first place in the German nationals, along with solid WC points and becomes the most winning team in German history. Diana Marggraff takes a top ten spot in the WC Dual-Slalom ranking. September 11th will be marked as the most unforgettable day in recent history.
2002 NICOLAI wins the ISPO DuPont BrandNew Award as overall winner among 122 innovative startup competitors. Frank Schneider takes first place in the German nationals. and 23rd place in UCI Worldchampionship DH.
2003 Our new CNC machining center produces fabulous parts as quick as gun fire. Top Secret mission "G-BOXX.org". KRC-NICOLAI Rider Roger "R" Rinderknecht wins EC-Title for BMX 24" Cuiser Class. NICOLAI launches first annual magazin "numeric".
2004 First G-BOXX bikes NICOLAI Nucleon TFR and Nucleon TST on duty at Megavalanche Cup and at the DH world championship. Our first world cup podium ever in NICOLAI company history: Roger Rinderknecht takes 2nd place at UCI 4X Worldcup in Calgary, Canada.
2005 NICOLAIs 10th anniversary, but no reason to get sentimental. A new HAAS CNC tapping center joins our production. Now in concert - the tapping noise duo with brother. UFO ST is the answer to growing demands for hardcore slopestyle bikes.
2006 Soccer world cup in Germany. A new associated company is born: Universal Transmissions GmbH. G-BOXX 2 on NICOLAI frame. French junior rider Joris Bigoni becomes french national DH champion. NICOLAI initiates CONTI-Cup, a special ranking system within the german national DH cup series.
2007 NICOLAI team riders gain 2 international titles: YVAN LAPRAZ wins GOLD at world championships BMX Junior men. Joris Bigoni wins European DH championships in the juniors class. New DH frame is born, we baptised on the name "ION".
2008 two crazy projects: helius tandem + helius travel. Continental NICOLAI team series starts Marco Hoesel is the multiple Trail World Champion.
2009 the G-Boxx 2 takes over the DH market with the ION GB-2. Gates belt drive takes his way into the Nicolai pallet, hollow weld technology is perfected in our Argon. GATES NICOLAI Downhill Team and Conti Racing Team are NICOLAI equiped, Frank Schneider starts at the Megavalanche in companion of Australian Nicolai participants.
2010 the Argon track with Gates Carbon Drive takes a ride at the track of Geneve. high speed contest in alpe'd'huez: Frank Schneider hits 96 km / h.
2011 ION 14 und Helius AC 29 are realised, ION 18 presentation at the Eurobike. GATES-NICOLAI-Teamrider David Graf is the runner up in the 4 X World cup competition with two podium 2nd places and a 4th place in the overall ranking.
2012 ION 16, Helius TB and the redesigned Helius AC and the 650 B version are presented at the Eurobike. GATES-NICOLAI-Teamriders success: Frank Schneider wins the MEGAVALANCHE in the hardtail masters categorie, Kevin Dewinski the international german enduro champion title.
2013 NICOLAIs 18th anniversary. On the first of august NICOLAI is to be 18 years old. we celebrate our birthday at the 17th and 18th of August.