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Nucleon AM
Freeride | Enduro

Travel: 160 - 170 mm
Weight 6,3 kg (Size M, anodized, without shock)

5299 €*

Image shows: Nucleon AM

Size: M
Color: mellow yellow
Extra Love Parts: purple anodised
Rear suspension: RS Monarch Plus
Weight: 9,12 kg (incl. Reset steering set)
5769 € *

Warranty: 5 years
*recommended retail price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT
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For the Nucleon AM we've combined the best aspects of our previous flagship model, the Nucleon TFR gearbox bike, with the modern versatility and handling characteristics of our top-selling Helius AM. The low maintenance Rohloff® 14 speed shifting system, protected inside the G-Boxx casing, allows the rider to shift any number of gears in any riding situation even when stationary. The G-Boxx design also gives you additional ground clearance. Having the weight of the frame centred provides perfect trail handling while the in-line pivot gives superior suspension performance and avoids any rider input affecting the suspension. You’ve got the best characteristics of the Helius AM and the strengths of it's predecessor, the Nucleon TFR, but with a lower weight. The patented compound rear hub (COR) enables removal of the rear wheel in seconds and completes the ensemble to give an incredible all-day high-end enduro bike with undisputed freeride skills. As an optional extra on the Nucleon AM we can offer a Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock that is custom shimmed for the frame.


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PDF Federwegseinstellung 08-federwegseinstellung_traveladjustments_09_10.pdf
PDF Dämpfer Einstellungen Anl. 10-daempfereinstellungen_shockadjustments_09_11.pdf
PDF Dämpfer De-/Montage Anl. 09-daempfermontage_shockinstallation_09_11.pdf
PDF Steckachsnabe Anl. 40-steckachsnaben_rearthruaxle_09_11.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Abb. 13-fig_lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_11.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Anl. 14-lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_11.pdf
PDF Gleitlager mit Bund De-/Montage Anl. 22-gleitlagerbund_collarbearing_09_11.pdf
PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Montage Abb. 15-fig_nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_12.pdf
PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Demontage Anl. 16-nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_11.pdf
PDF Lagerachse 15/12 Anl. 23-lagerachse1512_pivotaxis1512_09_10.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Anl. 21-schwinge_swingarm_09_11.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Abb. 20-fig_schwinge_swingarm_09_12.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Anl. 26-fettset_09_12.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Abb. 25-fig_fettset_09_10.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Anl. 26-fettset_09_11.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Abb. 25-fig_fettset_09_9.pdf
PDF G-BOXX 1 Ratio g-boxx-1-ratios.pdf
Schneidi Magdeburger Weg Helius AM
NICOLAI factory turning lathe

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