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Helius TB
XC / Trail

Wheelsize 27,5" Size S / 29" Size M-XL
Rear Travel 120 mm

Weight 3,1 kg (Size M, black ano, w/o shock)

2049 €*

Image shows: Helius TB

Size: L
Colour: semipermeable green glaze
Extra Love: black ano
Weight: 3,25kg
Shock: Rock Shox Monarch RT 3
Decals: big N black matt

2429 € *

Warranty: 5 years

*recommended retail price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT
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In North America there are 3 different bike categories, CC, Trail/AM and FR/DH. FR/DH refers to the same as here in Europe. CC-bikes there are tuned for maximum efficiency uphill, but sacrifice much of their downhill quality. Trail/AM bikes are designed for maximum fun with a clear downhill trend. By this definition, a bike with 150mm of travel can also be a CC-Bike because it climbs like a mountain goat but somehow not as well downhill as one would expect. The geometry and rear suspension are to blame and we know why. That’s why we don’t build any CC-Bikes! Because of its short travel, one could assume it’s a tame tour-fully but it’s a genuine trail bike. It’s been reduced to the essentials. Because of the optimized 32t rear chainrings, the Helius TB reacts as quickly and direct as a Hardtail. The firm suspension doesn’t waste energy but generates enough traction to let you drive it to the limit. You can definitely find bikes that will take you uphill faster but no bike with 120mm will bring a bigger smile to your face!


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PDF Helius AC Tech Sheet helius_ac_10.pdf
PDF Federwege Helius AC 2011 federweg-he-ac-2011.pdf
PDF Dämpfer Einstellungen Anl. 10-daempfereinstellungen_shockadjustments_09_11.pdf
PDF Dämpfer De-/Montage Anl. 09-daempfermontage_shockinstallation_09_11.pdf
PDF Steckachsnabe Anl. 40-steckachsnaben_rearthruaxle_09_11.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Abb. 13-fig_lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_11.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Anl. 14-lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_11.pdf
PDF Gleitlager mit Bund De-/Montage Anl. 22-gleitlagerbund_collarbearing_09_11.pdf
PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Montage Abb. 15-fig_nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_12.pdf
PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Demontage Anl. 16-nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_11.pdf
PDF Lagerachse 15/12 Anl. 23-lagerachse1512_pivotaxis1512_09_10.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Anl. 21-schwinge_swingarm_09_11.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Abb. 20-fig_schwinge_swingarm_09_12.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Anl. 26-fettset_09_12.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Abb. 25-fig_fettset_09_10.pdf
PDF RADO De-/Montage Anl. 18-rado_09_14.pdf
PDF RADO De-/Montage Abb. 17-fig_rado_09_13.pdf
PDF Rohloff OEM Ausfallenden Anl. 32-rohloff_ss_do_09_10.pdf
PDF Rohloff OEM Ausfallenden Anl. 32-rohloff_ss_do_09_9.pdf
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