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ION 20
World Cup Downhill

Wheelsize 27,5"
Rear Travel 205 mm

Weight 3,7 kg Size M, black ano, w/o shock)

2299 €*

Image shows: ION 20

Size: M
Colour: semipermeable yellow glaze
shock: Rock Shox Vivid R2C
Extra Love: black ano
Weight: 4,7 Kg

2679 € *

Warranty: 5 years

*recommended retail price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT
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The new “DH-workhorse”

The new revised frame lets the ION 20 become our new force in all downhill territories. As you probably know from the ION 16 the bike also is equipped with the ET Key geometry adjustment to change your bottom bracket height and head angle. This new downhill rig also uses 27.5” wheels. In addition the kinematics have been completly revised and the ratio was reduced to receive an optimal downhill geometry with the 205mm rear travel.


Beschreibungstext Datei
PDF Lagerachse 15/12 Anl. 23-lagerachse1512_pivotaxis1512_09_1.pdf
PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Demontage Anl. 16-nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_1.pdf
PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Montage Abb. 15-fig_nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_1.pdf
PDF Gleitlager mit Bund De-/Montage Anl. 22-gleitlagerbund_collarbearing_09_1.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Anl. 14-lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_1.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Abb. 13-fig_lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_1.pdf
PDF Horstlink De-/Montage Abb. 11-fig_horstlink_09_1.pdf
PDF Horstlink De-/Montage Anl. 11-fig_horstlink_09_2.pdf
PDF Dämpfer De-/Montage Anl. 09-daempfermontage_shockinstallation_09_2.pdf
PDF Dämpfer Einstellungen Anl. 10-daempfereinstellungen_shockadjustments_09_2.pdf
PDF Federwegseinstellung 08-federwegseinstellung_traveladjustments_09_2.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Abb. 20-fig_schwinge_swingarm_09_11.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Anl. 21-schwinge_swingarm_09_10.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Abb. 25-fig_fettset_09_10.pdf
PDF Fett Set De-/Montage Anl. 26-fettset_09_12.pdf
Fort William
La Bresse
NICOLAI factory turning lathe
NICOLAI production powder coating
Production drop-outs CNC

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