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Argon CX
Argon CX

Travel 0 mm

Weight 1,8 kg (Size M, black anodised)

1349 €*

Image shows: Argon CX

Size: M
Colour: atomic yellow glossy
Extra Love: black anodized
Decals: Big N blach matt
Weight: 2,1kg

1418 € *

Warranty: 5 years

*recommended retail price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT
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You shave your legs, but love the dirt! You ride long distances on the road, but you prefer the country lanes! You want to have a bike, which challenges you to go fast, even when your legs are burning! You love to feel the dirt under your tires! You need a bike, which performs. Always! You are looking for a road bike, which comes with a mountain bike heart. You do not want to stop because the tarmac has turned into a gravel road. A bike, which sets new quality and durability standards for cyclo cross frames. A bike, which is durable enough for more than one season of racing and works perfectly well after thousands of kilometres. If so, NICOLAI has the right frame for you. The Argon CX.


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