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Argon FAT

Wheelsize 26"
Gates Carbon Drive ready

Weight 2,3 kg (Size M, black ano, w/o shock)

1350 €*

Image shows: Argon FAT

Size: L
Colour: dizzy camo matt
Extra Love: black ano
Weight: 2,35kg
Features: 4,7" tire clearance / Tapered ZS44/56 head tube / Hollow-Weld-Technology

1550 € *

Warranty: 5 Jahre

*recommended retail price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT
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FAT but true!

Bright green, huge 3.8 tires, in the usual Nicolai-manner, these are the first facts about the new Nicolai Argon Fatbike. In 2014 the bike will be available as a part of a special production series with max. 60 products per year. Riding a fatbike just makes you smile. Sand, snow or even deep and boggy grounds, this bike will not be stopped by any terrain. The big tires give you a secure feeling on the bike and let every ride become a unique experience.


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