The Direct Mount Front Mech from Nicolai

Was ist neu und welche Verbesserung bring das System ? What’s new and how does it improve the system? In contrast to the classical front mech which sits on the seat-tube, Nicolai have built a specific front mech for their models (Helius AC , Helius AM, ION 14 sowie ION 18) using the Sram x9/X.0. mechs. These mechs which sit on the chainstay are only available through Nicolai.

The advantages of the new systems are in the hand, or rather the thumb!

The Direct Mount Front Mech can swing with the travel which results in optimal chain transition effectively making chain jumps a thing of the past. Due to the direct, clearer and above all, shorter cable routing, both the efficiency and the power of the gear change have been vastly improved. Furthermore the mounting and adjustability of the mech have been enhanced.

Nicolai Direct Mount Front Mech with Sram X9 mech optional

Option 1: Direct Mount font mech Sram X9 (only available through Nicolai!) Price on request. Option 2: Direct Mount front mech Sram X.O. (only available though Nicolai!) Price on request.

Direct Mount