Gates Carbon Drive

The Gates Carbon Drive is no longer a novelty. Working with our Partner company Universal Transmissions, the US manufacturer Gates has made this carbon fibre reinforced belt drive a real alternative for bikes as it can be used with all common rear hub standards. Many manufacturers are now offering models with the Carbon Drive system but the first bikes on the road came from our factory. We’ve maintained this lead in development and offer a perfect adaptation of Gates CD for all Nicolai hardtails. What are the particular advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive? Firstly, with the Carbon Drive you will never have to oil your chain as the system is dry running. No more corrosion, no more rattling or squeaking, no more greasy, dirty fingers when mounting the wheel. The carbon drive leaves all the old annoyances of chains behind and at the same time it provides a longer life time than a unmaintained chain. With a weight of only 80 g it brings a significant reduction in weight. The Carbon Drive is made of high-tensile carbon fibres embedded in a resistant polyurethane synthetic cover that enables a completely new riding experience. With the Carbon Drive the rider’s energy is transferred directly into forward motion with no “rubber band” sensation. So, when are you going to make the switch?