Custom Shimming

Two shocks of the same model with the same settings may appear identical from the outside and yet perform completely differently depending on how the internals are tuned. Shock manufacturers offer their shocks in different ‘tunes’ to obtain specific ride characteristics to suit different suspension designs or riding styles. Shims are used within the damping circuit of the shock to regulate the oil flow and to obtain a different ‘tune’ the number, size, and characteristics of the shims is varied. We consider the specific suspension requirements of each Nicolai frame and work with the shock manufacturers to ensure that all of the shocks we supply are delivered with the optimum tune for the particular Nicolai model. For this reason we strongly reccomend that your frame is ordered complete with shock - using an old shock from another bike or another source might lead to a drop in performance. We have gone one step further in our offer of the Cane Creek Double Barrel® Shock. Rather than offering a standard tune we have worked with Cane Creek to develop a specific tune matched to our frames.