ISCG and the Hammerschmidt® adapter

Almost all NICOLAI frames are available with adapters to mount Shift guides, Chain guards, or Hammerschmidt® internal gear cranks. For models where chain-guards are mandatory or where the use of Hammerschmidt® cranks makes sense we offer mounting adapters as a surcharge-free option. We offer 3 different kinds of adapters. The ISCG 03 and 05 type is fixed with a bolt between a weld-on part at the frame and the chain-guard. The slotted holes enable further positioning as the adjustability of chain-guards is often limited. The ISCG adapters are not compatible with Hammerschmidt. We offer a special weld-on adapter to mount the Hammerschmidt directly onto the frame. This weld-on Hammerschmidt adapter on the other hand is ISCG 03 compatible and can be used for chain-guards.