Gear Box Bikes

The derailleur system that’s typically seen on mountainbikes was originally developed for road racing bikes. With its delicate exposed components it has a tough time on rough off road trails. Damage to the drivetrain can too often cause a big ride to be cut short, an early trip home from the bike park or the premature end to racing ambitions. On a gearbox bike all shifting operations take place inside the sealed gearbox where moving components are well protected from dirt and damage. The G-Boxx is smooth-running and precise with Rohloff® technology that allows you to shift any number of gears in any riding situation even when stationary. The swing arm pivot is in line with the drive and well above the BB to give an ideal wheel path and eliminating rider induced input on the suspension. As the weight of a G-Boxx bike is low and central you get excellent handling on the trail and the bike feels much lighter than the scales indicate. The compact size of the G-Boxx provides extra ground clearance and in case you do smack it on a tree or rock whilst riding then the tough casing will take impacts without difficulty. Another advantage of the G-Boxx 1 system is the three-part COR rear hub that enables the rear wheel to be released in seconds leaving the chain on the sprocket, and the brake disc attached to the frame.