Gates ready

In order to fit a bike with the Gates Carbon Drive system, certain technical requirements must be met. The frame needs a break in the drive side of the rear triangle in order to insert the belt as the belt cannot be split. To achieve this we‘ve designed a low profile removeable part above the right dropout. A Gates frame also needs the ability to tension the belt. For this we use horizontal drop outs that slide precisely in grooves on the frame. These have “chain tugs” adjusted with a hex socket to simplify rear wheel alignment and easily set the perfect belt tension. For correct operation of the Gates Carbon Drive a precise belt line is essential. Unlike a chain, the Carbon Drive cannot cope with any mis-alignment - only perfect frame alignment and a bottom bracket axle and rear axle perfectly in line will give trouble free operation and a long belt life life. Our close R&D partnership with the Gates company during the design of the Carbon Drive was the ideal way to bring this technology to the public. This means we can guarantee the perfect function of the system when used with a Nicolai frame.