Bolt on cable guides – what’s the point?

Our bolt on CNC’d cable guides look seriously cool and are available in a range of anodised colours so you can give your frame a personal touch but we should explain the technical reasons that led us to decide on this solution. Whenever a weld is added to a tube, the heat changes the metal structure and leads to marginal weakening of the aluminium compared to its original state. By using a bolt-on cable guide we avoid having to weld the tubing unnecessarily and reducing the strength of the frame. The biggest advantage however is the modularity of this system. Through the choice of various designs of bolt on cable guides we can offer a number of cable run options. Single mounts, double mounts or offset (double cranked) mounts. The offset mounts can be turned through 180 degrees and, depending on the mounting direction, the cables will leave either at 4 o' clock or 8 o' clock. This makes for clean bends and gives a perfect cable run when, for example, double Rohloff® cables are routed along one side of the steerer tube. Recently we have been fitting our Helius frames with special swing-arm cable mounts, in order to minimise the cable bending from the moving suspension. This prevents the wires inside the cable outers coming out of the ends and helps to ensure long term precise shifting without re-adjustment. The black machined Delrin protector on our chainstays is also a cable guide. It both protects the stay and the shifting cable from the chain and with its angled exit puts the cable in a perfect line for the rear derailleur.