The next generation of bushings.

Synthetic bushings are manufactured through an injection moulding process. The tolerances in this process are +/- 0.05 mm. This is already a very good tolerance. We always strive to be better than just good and as we've got the technical ability we have started to manufacture our own bushings on our CNC turning lathes. This process gives even closer tolerances for much lower stiction and a perfect grease-gap between the bushing and axle. Since 2009 we have already been manufacturing our own ceramic coated precision-ground bearing axles that are also made to extremely high tolerances. The combination of our new bushings with these axles provides a noticeable reduction in play. This means we now need less preload on the bushing unit, giving a lower breakaway torque which in turn means a more sensitive response from the rear suspension. A decisive role is played by the material characteristics of the different materials used to manufacture synthetic bushings. Materials with superior lubricating properties sometimes have a strongly hygroscopic character that can be between 1% and 5% of the material volume. So while the bearing is running freely under dry conditions in might expand with higher air humidity. In contrast the synthetic bushing material we've chosen has got a humidity absorption of max 0,3%. This leads to a consistently high performance regardless of the weather conditions when you’re riding. In order to improve the bearing characteristics further we've chosen a synthetic material with a molecularly embedded lubricant which provides superior performance with a friction coefficient of μ 0,2, . In addition to humidity absorption and friction coefficient, another important consideration for buhings is the resistance to abrasive wear. The bearing material we've chosen provides the best ratio of friction coefficient and resistance to abrasive wear of any material currently available. We ask you to understand that we’d like to keep the name of our new wonder material a company secret.